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Ailani from the Ailani Trilogy
Writing for a magazine that is published internationally was the start of a dream come true
for me.  Telling stories in 6000 words or less is exciting but not near as stimulating as
writing a story in around 100,000 words give or take.

My novels are character driven with narrative in their voice.  To accomplish this style means
that I must get into character (each of their characters) which is fun and challenging.  
Channeling each character no matter their gender or ethnicity requires a wealth of life

While I like magic and fantasy, I also am fond of rags to riches, heartwarming stories that
speak to you in their voices.  With an underpinning of romance in most of them, I like a
journey of self-discovery as I think most of us can relate to that since we are all on that same

Many of my novels are female centric in that I like strong female characters. I suppose a
damsel in distress trope might grace one of my novels one day, but that is currently not the
case.  I like my style to be unique as it can be without being too far from the main stream.

Science Fiction is probably my strength.  Out of twenty-five novels (working on number
twenty-six), about half of them are science fiction.  Romance and magic with some
tawdriness in a few novels were written as an experiment, and let’s face it; they were fun to

Currently, my books are selling worldwide, and more are on the way.  Once I get an idea for
a book, I lock myself away until the words match with the story.  

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Welcome, so much has happened since my last update.
While I am still searching for an agent number 25 is published and
Number 26 is to the halfway point!  
Saga of the Starduster is flying off the shelf, "virtual shelf!"
#Amazon is loving it as they get a good percentage for hosting it.
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