The Ailani Trilogy
The Madam and the Queen is the first book in the Trilogy.  

Tina, a divorced executive with a large firm, becomes intolerable at work. Her friends convince her to leave her house and her cat, to come out and play pool at a local bar.  Bud, the son of a Billionaire,
finds himself in charge of Grayson Enterprises after unsavory characters kill his parents.  All work and no play has Bud’s housekeeper convincing him to get out and do what people of his age do.

Meeting up with fellow employees, fate deals itself into their lives. Tina and her friends settle at the next pool table over captivating Bud’s attention.  Tina and Bud find common ground while watching a
comedian sponsored by the club.  Unknown to either of them, Tina’s tears contain an aphrodisiac that will only effect those from another time, from another realm, as magic and fantasy mix with real life
to start out this series.  

Others from her realm come together in book one, as they deal with people that would harm Bud and now those that he loves.
While the first book is a complete story the second and third book are so encompassing of these characters and the love that they have for one another you will not want to put the book down.  If it is
possible to love a character in a book, this comes close.  Bud is a man’s man, but his lady friends are not to be trifled with when it comes to protecting those that they love.

The next two novels in the series are finalized other than final edits.  By the end of the third book, the story is complete.  Each book is in itself a story, but they do build on one another.  Romance,
Magic, mystery, and revenge are a few of the events that will keep the pages turning!
It is my intention to release the second book mid summer of 2017

The third in the series will most probably be released late 2017

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