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This is the place for you and I to connect.  When you read my books you get to know
me in some small way.  
I write for what the market is looking for but still, part of me is in those words that are
dripping off the pages.
My sense of humor, intellect and other things are there.  Let me know who you are?  If
you could write a novel, what would you write about?  When you read, what are you
looking for.
Do you like your character dark and mysterious or bubbly and alive?

Writing as many novels as I have, I constantly find typos after editing them for what
seems hundreds of times. If you spy one while reading, use your app to make a note
of it and let me know.  I find them in the most professionally  written and edited
material so I do not feel badly when a “you” pops out there instead a “your.”  It
happens.  Still, I strive for perfection.  

Some read the book and ruminate over the story a little and go one with life.  Some
keep an eBook collection and that is ok.

I have an actual library that is overstuffed with books, as well as shelves of books
throughout the house.

With the Kindle I find more and more of my reading is on that.

No dust and instant access to word lookup.

Send me a note and tell me what you thought of what you read.

If you have an idea of how you think it should have ended, speak up.
I don’t bite, hard anyway.  Much Love TW