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#Dear ____ People

Fractured (a non-fiction book) is a look at the world today from several different
viewpoints. As a technologist, I pepper the book with lots of inside IT type advice for
everyone from the CEO to the computer repair person wanting to get a leg up.  
Knowing how to be successful in this field served me well, and now I am passing much
of that along.

Science has been a large part of my life, and I share some of that in here as well.
Politics and philosophy are integral parts of this book making it a book for just about

This book started out in 2012. It has been in the making for years.  I hope that those of
you who read it get something out of it.  My sense of humor is also woven into the
tapestry of this manuscript, please enjoy.
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Dear ____ People came
to me after a rather
disturbing ripple in the
force of humanity.

Witnessing the hatred
and vile rhetoric in this
day in time on social
media I felt like a little
dose of Humanity might
be in order.

#Dear ___ People is
uplifting and certainly
salient for this day and
age #kindle #unlimited