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Captain Ben Smith finds retirement from the military less than what he had envisioned. Space travel was in his blood. Sitting at home
counting the seconds go by with each tick of the clock left him wanting for more.

The Henderson Company specialized in moving cargo from one sector in the galaxy to another. Working as a civilian for them meant
dealing with bureaucracy and kids with an opinion that he was forced by policy to listen to.

Darcy who he met was one of the reasons he considered it. Commanding the Brooking with Darcy at his side was just about worth the daily
bickering between his staff, who all had “ideas.”

Confronted with a Blue Dwarf, his gut tells him to steer clear, but his team wants to investigate it. Time breaks down as they find themselves
moved billions of years into the past.

Trying to figure out how they got there puts them on a path to meet their ancestors, with a few surprises along the way.
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