TW is currently working on novel #32 while simultanoulsy editing all of the
books published thus far.  With new tools, and tons of experience, the polishing
of the novels has begun. Too many to count have been sold and read around
the world, with nary a complaint.  TW is making them even better.
As an artist, often, a finished painting might go back on the easel.  The same is
true of the novels created thus far.
Starting work on Novel number 32, TW realized that just possibly
this passion was a bit more than a mere hobby. Science fiction is
the focus of TW’s work. Fans and writers alike proposed some
challenges, to branch out beyond Sci-Fi. Accepting the challenge,
TW has written several novels from Fantasy to Action, and even
some Erotic fantasy, for those with a taste for something steamy to
read, on those cold winter nights. On this site, you will find links to
TW’s work on Amazon. Please feel free to keep up with TW on
Twitter and of course here on the site.
Author TWScott
TWScott is the owner of Purple Pen Productions.
Please look for more novels as the process continues in the weeks and months

(c) 2018