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Dragon Master and the Witch is finished and up on Amazon for your delight!  

This is a YA Fairy tale with witches and warlocks and oh yes Dragons!  The original artwork had this lovely butt in the middle of the lake but,
Smashwords was not too happy with the crack even though it is complete artwork from my head. Amazon has the original cover art so if
you go there you can get the version with the butt any Kardashian would be proud of!

I get it, it is YA so no nudity even if it is a painting.  I was going for the innocent look.  The little pine tree acts as the proverbial fig leaf
making everyone happy.  

I have since re-edited two of my manuscripts the last being The Girl Nextdoor.  I found a dozen or so typos and I know many of you who
collect your e-books so if you are one of them it is live on Amazon.  If you are not, go read it!  :)

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Breaking News for you my faithful followers!

You have a chance to own the original painting that the book cover for Cyber Subs came from.  To the
left is a digital representation of the book cover.  To the right is the original Oil painting that I did back in

16X20 Oil, one of a kind painting  $2200.00 plus S&H

If Cyber Subs continues as it is, one day it might go as viral as 50 shades or other types of books in
this class.  While at this price you would get a nice piece of art, imagine its value if the book goes viral!

I only have one of these so first come first serve.  
Contact me here.
Please note that even if you purchase the

artwork and any licensing thereof.  {Just in case
there was a question.}  -TW