The Girl NextDoor
The girl nextdoor cover art and narrative by TWSCott
Growing up, I loved the Movie “A Star is Born.”
Later it was “The Jazz Singer.”
In TWScott Style I have created “The Girl NextDoor” which is the name of her band.

Sally Towers had no clue that her life was going to change because she hit the snooze button one too
many times. Getting through school as the Valedictorian was her goal.  After her mother’s premature
death, she thought that this would make her father happy again. Sally had not realized that her father
had moved on with his life, and was dealing with his emotional life with another woman.

The Pixies intervene, creating the situation that brings her and Carissa McCloud together.
Heading to Scotland to start a new adventure finds the two altering the pathways that neither of them
had dreamt of, including the Stardom of Sally, who is discovered in a karaoke bar.

Becoming The Girl Next Door, Fame and fortune come with a price when Anorexia is triggered by an
innocent comment from a photographer. Not realizing that she was killing herself, Sally hides her
condition until it can no longer be hidden.  

Magic and the love of her friends unite to save Sally from herself, all the while bringing those together in
this world that were meant to be.

The fight with her demons is real and gut wrenching, allowing those who have no idea how insidious this
disease is, a glimpse of it.  “Why don’t you just eat?” Is not an answer, which we learn through the novel.  

No sad endings here.  This novel will have you laugh, love and cry, not necessarily in that order.  
In typical TWScott style, there is plenty of love to go around.

This is by far one of my favorite Novels.
Much Love -TW
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