Under Roswell
Under Roswell with Narrative
When Elliot hears that metallic clunk from under the ground, his vacation with Susan changes their lives

Susan, in hopes of snaring the heart of the fair-haired prodigy of Ohmicron, learns to climb rocks just to
spend some time with Elliot.  Very altruistic in his nature, Elliot is unwittingly part of the machine that
develops high-tech weapons.  He is unaware that Susan was sent by his boss to spy on him, reporting
everything that he does to his employers.

Susan, once getting to know him, half-heartedly does her job while plotting a coup of her own. She is now
interested in the six and a half foot, lean mass of Elliot who has no idea that he is a catch!  Elliot lives in
circuits and code, due to his early life.

Borrowing from the rich Roswell lore TW creates an Epic fantasy, which take two young people on a
mission to save a race from its own shortsightedness.  

Under Roswell was four years in the making.  The story has lots of science, fiction, fantasy and some
romance but it is a safe read for late teen and up.  

The novel is selling well and many have told TW it should be a movie.

If Sharknado can make it, we guess Under Roswell could too. :)
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