Saga of the Starduster
The Saga of the Starduster

Hijacked from the International Space Station, Don a NASA astronaut finds himself among a friendly
race of beings who mistakenly thought that earthlings attacked them.  Not solving the mystery
immediately, the Captain of the Starduster learns that Don had cancer.  After a botched attempt to save
him with a modified virus to attack just the cancer cells, Sarah “their doctor” must take him back to her
medical facility on their space station where the romp through the galaxy begins.  

Sarah links her mind to his while his body is repaired.  
Finding that he has a beautiful mind, she becomes involved with him much to the chagrin of her father.  
Emotions had been ruled dangerous, and were not allowed among this race.  Don was an experiment.

Time travel, Romance, and love start out this wonderful story regarding the melding of different peoples.

In typical
TWScott style, out of the box thinking means bending the rules,  making this book a delightful
tale with a surprise ending.
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