Tipping Point
Tipping Point

Measuring the distance to the moon is a simple task with a laser and a mirror.  Simple, until the target is moved.  

Samantha, a fiery red headed graduate of Rice is no slouch when it comes to Astrophysics.
Her demeanor was such that NASA moved her around often, as they grew tired of her dogged determination,
coupled with her lack of compassion when it came to the male ego.

Discovering that the earth was slowing, once again, she was forefront and center as they met with the President of the United

He,a single man was enthralled with this person who looked as though she dressed in clothes from the local Goodwill.  
Something about her piqued his interests as he tried to differentiate between his personal desires, and from what was at stake.

Asking the question "how do you get something for nothing," she makes her case while jet setting around with the most powerful
man in the world.

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