Voices from the Past

Jennifer, a journalist for a trendy magazine leaves her momma’s boy husband after twenty odd years of
marriage to come to the States and start a new life.  

Bumping into a Texan at the Dallas Fair, the two end up hitting it off.

Zipping her little black dress, Harold, the six foot five inch cowboy is bewitched by here skimpy panties, white
smooth skin and lovely English accent. He invites her out to his East Texas ranch to “
write about it.

Unknown to either of them, magic had been involved in the process of getting her out to East Texas to meet,
and eventually fall in love with his sister, who is a witch.  

Jennifer shares her body with the dormant Marot, the Queen of witches who awakens around the other
witches gathering in this day and time.  

Their purpose is to right wrongs, and stop evil from coming into this world.  It is a fun read with magic,
witchcraft, love and mild naughtiness with a small taste of East Texas. .
Voices from the Past
Voices From the Past
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