Diamond Joe
Suggestive antics to inspire Dane’s creativity, have unintended consequences. Dane one
of her students on a football scholarship thinks that he has a thing for her. Donna being
rather lonely ponders the fantasy. Busting his bubble, the professor, a wealthy widow,
hires a horse trainer from Dane's hometown which she learns of while tutoring Dane.    

Inviting Samantha to come to South Carolina to train her horse does not go as planned.
Sam has many secrets which start to become apparent almost immediately. Hidden
behind the books, blackboards, and a previous marriage, Donna discovers another side of
herself that to date was unknown to her.

Working with Donna’s racehorse, Diamond Joe, Samantha and Donna become
inseparable. Deciding to marry in a public way touches off a firestorm at her university,
igniting strong feelings from both sides of the debate on same-sex marriage.

Racing Diamond Joe becomes Donna’s and Sam’s primary focus while dealing with the
fallout from their union.  

Enjoying a winning streak, a competitor takes it upon himself to remove Diamond Joe out
of contention through alternative and illegal means.

Love, desire, and horse racing combined with issues of the day make this novel a page-
turner. If you are an animal lover, a person of passion, or just someone who enjoys a good
story, this novel is for you.
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